Join our team

We began the membership program to include our returning customers and members of the community in the growth of our operation. We depend on private land owners for access to bee yards and we depend on the continuing support of people who believe in what we do to keep us going and keep us growing.

Woolsey Fire Rebuild Sustaining Membership

In November 2018, the Woolsey fire burned through 12 out of 16 of our bee yards, incinerating  half of our honey bee colonies and completely wiping out the flowers our bees depend on to live. Sadly, due to the slow growth of the chaparral plant community, it may be years before we can harvest honey from western Malibu once again. Despite this hardship, Eli’s Bees is dedicated to rebuilding.

The Woolsey Fire Sustaining membership funds a replacement bee colony and bee box in return for a year’s supply of honey. Every three months we will mail you four jars containing eight ounces, for a total of 12 jars over the course of the entire year. In addition, this subscription includes a two person visit to one of Eli’s apiaries to meet your bees.