Private Beekeeping Workshop

From $150.00

Private workshops are for the beginner to intermediate beekeeper who want to get more familiar with the different parts of the hive, learn how to work with bee tools, and understand better how to know what to do and when to do it to keep your bees healthy.

We will spend 2 - 3hrs doing regular hive maintenance (depending on the time of year) including: checking honey supplies, evaluating bee temperament and queen for fitness, and a Varroa mite alcohol wash to check for parasite and viral levels.

Bees are the best teachers of beekeepers. They teach us patience and sensitivity and force us to be aware of the patterns of the natural world. Lots to learn.

Bee suits and tools provided. Each group goes home with your own Organic mite wash + treatment kit & and a taster jar of local honey.


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